In 1981, IOGKF International hosted its first World Budosai event in Okinawa, Japan – the birthplace of Karate. Since this time, the event has been held again in 1991, 1998, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016 and finally in 2019. Now the IOGKF Executive Committee is pleased to announce that the event will officially return in the middle of 2024 for the 9th time.

The World Budosai is the largest event to appear on the IOGKF calendar and now traditional held ever fourth year in Okinawa. In 2024, all IOGKF International events (such as the European Gasshuku, MCF, etc) will not be running – the World Budosai will the only major event for IOGKF in the new year. IOGKF instructors spend so much time travelling to all corners of the globe to fulfil the dream of Miyagi Chojun Sensei that his art would spread across the world. In 2024, it is time to go back to the homeland of Karate and celebrate all that Goju-ryu Karate has given us in this unique and facinating piece of the world.

Official dates will be announced in the next few months as IOGKF waits for confirmation of our chosen venue – the Okinawan Kenritsu Budokan. As soon a confirmation is received, IOGKF will annouce the dates to all country heads, on this website and via social media. Please keep an eye on all of our channels for more information.

The 2019 World Budsosai saw IOGKF members from 45 different countries participate. In 2023, IOGKF is now in more countries than any other time in its history – will this record be broken in 2024? IOGKF sincerely hopes to welcome you to Okinawa mid next year, for a Budosai like none you’ve experienced in the past.