During the month of August 2023, IOGKF International has been running a world wide Kata challenge. In the interests of protecting traditonal Karate and bring IOGKF members closer together, the challenge sees IOGKF members set a goal for the number of Kata they wish to try and perform in a single month. Members record their training daily and have been uploading and sharing their progress with fellow IOGKF members via social media.

To help participants maintain their motivation through this challenge, IOGKF World Chief Instructor: Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura, hosted a free online session which any IOGKF member could access. On August 12, over 500 IOGKF members from over 30 different nations, spread across 5 continents, logged into Zoom to join Nakamura Sensei. The challenge? 30 repetitions Gekisai dai Ichi. Places from Africa to Australia, North America to South America, Europe to Asia, and just about every where in between, united the world in Karate training. In a time where nations seem to be getting along less and less, it was inspiring to see so many cultures practicing together in harmony while spread across the globe under one Sensei. Once we put on our gi, we are one family.

Nakamura Sensei kept the session, which lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes, very interesting. Technical pointers were given focusing on stance, posture and what were the targets for the striking techniques in the Kata. Sensei also kept the experience lighthearted and fun with his sense of humour and he made good use of his impromptu “Mo Ichi Do” sign.

The challenge continues on throughout the month of August. Already some members have reach their goals. Inspiring performances have seen some members perform over 100 Kata everyday. Check back at the end of the month for our full wrap on this widespread initative from IOGKF – truly International.