Throughout the month of August 2023, IOGKF members from around the world have the option to join Nakamura Sensei for the 2023 IOGKF Kata Challenge. This event first came to be during the covid pandemic, when Nakamura Sensei came up with a way to help IOGKF members maintain their training and motivation during lockdowns.

Now much of the world is back to normality, the Kata challenge returns and now you can share in the experience with your Dojo. Here is how the Kata challenge works!

1 – Download a copy of the Kata challenge record sheet via the link below.

2 – Set a goal for the amount of Kata you or your Dojo wish to practice in the month of August.

3 – Record the number of Kata you perform each day on your record sheet.

4 – Share photos, videos and updates from your progress on social media using the hashtag #iamiogkf to keep connected with other IOGKF members from around the globe who are sharing in the same journey as you.

5 – Never give up! Reach your goal!

At IOGKF, we are truly International and keeping connected with our Karate brothers and sisters is essential. The IOGKF Kata Challenge provides us all with an avenue to keep our bonds strong between Gasshuku events. We hope you will join us in protecting traditional Karate and strengthening it all around the world through this International initative.

Gambatte Kudasai!

Click here to download your record sheet: 2023 IOGKF Kata Challenge