The passing of Chris has left a huge hole in my heart and my life, yet we were given 9 months longer to prepare for this time, than first expected.
We spoke about everything and anything and left no words unspoken.
We made plans for the future and prepared for his passing. We laughed and cried and laughed some more!
It was wonderful to have 9 perfect months where we didn’t leave each other’s side.
Even when Chris was in hospital, I slept there, sometimes even snuggling up next to him in the same bed.
The nursing staff knew better than to tell me to go home and I spent many nights either sleeping on a chair, on the floor or dodging tubes and monitors, so I could sleep next to Chris.
We had no regrets after 39years of marriage and there were no words left unspoken. For that I am truly grateful.

Not once did he ever complain or let me know that he was doing it tough.
Every single day he would at least try to practice his karate, which meant sometimes doing push ups or kata on the hospital floor.
When Chris trained in Naha, he was suffering considerably yet he kept going.
After a rest in the afternoons, he’d rally again to meet up with friends for dinner or a few drinks.
It was wonderful gift that you (Sensei Higaonna) gave him allowing him to say goodbye to his Karate Family.
This gave him closure and as a result, peace.

Chris owed his life to Karate, as it gave him the ability and strength to live life to the full and strive for perfection.
It gave him lifelong friendships, humility and strength of character.
Even on the last morning before his passing, my darling husband made me help him out of bed to use the bathroom, because he wanted to “keep his strength up”.
The Doctors and nurses couldn’t believe how physically and mentally strong he was and said they have never seen anyone go through the pain he went through, with the mental fortitude he displayed.

Sensei’s Higaonna and Nakamura, I want to thank you both for your beautiful flowers you sent and kind your words.
Chris would have been so humbled by them.
There would have been around 300 people who attended his funeral and this is testament to a man who gave generously and asked for little.
He will be greatly missed by many……..  but none, more than me.

In appreciation for all you have done for Chris and myself, I say thank you.

Fondest regards,
Kerri Larken