Sensei Chris Larken was a great karate-ka.  The development of IOGKF Australia today owes a lot to him.  I have known him over 40 years and have a lot of fond memories with him.  Thank you for all your hard work to protect and promote traditional karate.  Please rest in peace.  My condolences to Kerri and family.
Morio Higaonna
(IOGKF Supreme Master)


I am very sorry to hear that Sensei Chris Larken passed away. He was such a great person as well as a great martial artist. Today’s development of IOGKF Australia owes a lot to him. He left us so many beautiful memories and showed us how strong men can become. He touched so many people’s lives and made positive changes. He will be missed by many people in the world.
May god bless his soul. My deepest condolences to Kerri and family.
Tetsuji Nakamura
(IOGKF Chief Instructor)


To Kerri and family of Sensei Chris Larken.
Please accept our sincere condolences on your loss. RIP Chris.

Ernie Molyneux and members of EGKA



Dear Kerri and family,

Please accept our deepest condolences for you and your family’s loss. You and your family are in our hearts and minds here in Denmark.

Best regards,

Henrik & Kayle Larsen

(IOGKF Denmark)


It is with great sadness to hear the news of Sensei Chris Larken’s bereavement. Our sincere condolences to his family & all his students. May he rest in everlasting peace.

Pervez, Zeenat and members of IOGKF India
The Spanish Goju-Ryu members and I are saddened by the lost of Sensei Chris Larken, IOGKF Australia Chief Instructor. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this difficult time. Rest in Peace..
Luis Nunes
(IOGKF Spain)

On the behalf of the executive committee and all members of AOGKF, we would like to extend our sincere condolences to Kerri, Shiromi, their family and members of IOGKA on the passing of Sensei Chris. All of us have known Sensei Chris for most of our lives, some of us for some 45 plus years. We are very upset to hear that this terrible disease has once again claimed another senior IOGKF Australian instructor. He made a great contribution to IOGKF in Australia and it was our pleasure to award Sensei Chris a lifetime achievement award in October last year in recognition for his efforts. We pray that Sensei Chris will now find rest and that his family can find comfort in all that he has achieved in life.

With respect,
Joe Roses
Kevin Nash
David Lambert
& all members of AOGKF
(IOGKF Australia – AOGKF)


I will always remember Sensei Chris for his good nature, spirit and humor. I have so many fond memories of training together, drinking together and laughing together. Seeing him this last summer at the Budosai, reminded me of what a wonderful man he was and what an inspiration he was to everyone. I will miss him greatly.

To his family, may the care and love of those around you provide comfort and peace to get you through the days ahead. My most sincere condolences for your loss.

Gene Villa



I am saddened beyond words to hear of the passing of Sensei Chris Larken. Sensei Chris was not only a great martial artist & instructor but a wonderful person and true friend. We shared many special memories both inside and out of the Dojo. I will miss him dearly! My deepest condolences to Kerri and family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Bobby Smith

(IOGKF Bermuda)


My sincere condolences goes to Kerri and family…
Sensei Chris was indeed a piece of life. Happiness and laughter combined with a seriousness and fighting spirit made a rare example of a human being who we all can learn from.
I sit back both with a sad empty feeling yet at the same time filled with happiness; I met this man, we trained, laughed, had serious talks…, thank you so much for giving me this experience.
I will treasure my memories of all the moments spend in the company of this extraordinary gentleman and warrior.

Torben Svendsen

(IOGKF Denmark)


As I met Higaonna Sensei in Okinawa last July he took my hand in his hands and told me: ‘Sensei Chris come to train with us, the doctors gave him just 1 week of life and he is here with us to practice…’

I trained with Sensei Chris all the week and he has been an Amazing example for all of us. He trained with great commitment without losing any moment of the lessons, short breaks to take a breath and again on Budokan’s parquet to sweat. Observing with extreme attention every explenation of the Teachers repeating every movement like if he should have the prospect to repeat and perfection that movement for many years to come…

We took a picture together in the last day of training, joking and laughing about the fact that he had to adopt my same hairstyle.
We both knew that was the last time…

May be he decided to come to Okinawa to die during training together with all of us and his loved Teacher and the illness, confused by his great determination, offered him other 3 months of life.
His presence at Budo Sai has been an invaluable gift for all of us.

Dear Chris my loving thought go to you and your family and to you goes my gratitude for all the years of shared practice and for your last battle that, someway, you wanted to fight with all of us offering us the example of a warrior’s death.

May you rest in peace in the loving memory of your family and all of us.

Paolo Taigō Spongia

(IOGKF Italy)


On behalf of IOGKF Austria I wish to extend our sincere condolences to Kerri and Sensei Chris’ family on his passing. I had the honour to know Sensei Chris personally and valued him intensely both as a person and a karateka.
He will be sadly missed, but his legacy will continue to live on among us.
Raoul Vogel
(IOGKF Austria)

Dear Kerri and family,

I would like to express my condolences on behalf of myself, my wife Mieke and all the Belgian IOGKF members. We lost a good karateka but also a good friend.  I loved training and talking with him. It was nice to see Chris last Budosai in Okinawa. We will cherish these memories. We know his family and all his friends will miss him dearly but he will never be forgotten.

Patrick Curinckx

(IOGKF Belgium)

________________________________________________________________________________Dear Kerri and Family,

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Sensei Chris and we wish to express our deepest condolences. It has been an honour and privilege to have known Sensei Chris as a friend and as a highly respected karateka who has forged a great lasting relationship between our 2 countries. May he rest in peace.

Kambukai New Zealand
(IOGKF New Zealand)

On behalf of all AFKGO members, We wish to extend our sincere condolences to Senseï Chris’ family and a message of support to all his relatives for the hardship they go through.

Eric &  French Kambukai

(IOGKF France)


Very sad news. Thoughts go out to Kerri, family and all who knew Chris as both a Karate Sensei and friend.

Simon Beaumont

(IOGKF Australia – IOGKA)


Dear Kerri and family,
I would like to offer our condolences from everyone here in Scotland and also personally, it is very sad news we heard today. It was great Chris Sensei was able to attend the gasshuku in Okinawa this year and we were able to chat together on the way to the Dojo. I’ll remember his open friendliness and the great courage he showed in being there in Okinawa.
With deepest sympathy
Callum Dick
Dear Kerri and Family,
I was so glad to catch up with you both in Okinawa this year. Even though Chris was so ill he still had energy and drive to not only travel to the Budosai but to even train. I remember training in the heat and humidity and looking over at Sensei Chris who was training at the other end of the room and thinking to myself, how on earth can he train so hard feeling the way he must have. I will remember that forever.
On behalf of myself, Wendy and all the members of my Dojo here in Papamoa I want to pass on all our respect and deepest sympathies to you in this very difficult time.
We have all lost a great friend and great instructor and I feel very lucky to have known him for so long.
All our best wishes,
Phil Dovaston
(IOGKF New Zealand)

Dear Kerri,

It is with a heavy heart that we learned the news about Sensei Chris´ passing. It was great to see you and him in Okinawa last August as he seemed in good spirits and with enough energy to train daily.
We did not have enough time to get to know him as we would have liked, but the times we spent together in the dojo, he always showed great love and enthusiasm when teaching and training karate. This is a big loss for the IOGKF family and we will remember him always very dearly.
We pray for him to finally rest in peace and for him to watch us while we try to follow the path of love and dedication to the arts that he demonstrated.
Our deepest condolences,
Jorge Rivera
(IOGKF Chile)
We learned the sad news about the death of Sensei Chris Larken. Please forward our deepest consolidates to his family and all IOGKF members in Australia, who are missing him.
On behalf of Ferenc Szigetvari,
Karoly Holczhauser
(IOGKF  Hungary)
________________________________________________________________________________I’m so sad to hear this news. No one that had a stronger spirit than Sensei Chris and that will continue to live on with all of us. Thinking of you all from the other side of the country with much love to Kerri. Sincere condolences.
Troy MacMillan
(IOGKF Australia – IOGKA)
Very saddened to this news and was looking forward to seeing sensei in Goulburn this weekend. What a great bloke. He will be dearly missed. Thoughts are with Kerry and the other Newcastle family.
John (Sam) Steggall
(IOGKF Australia – IOGKA)
It’s really sad news for all . Sincere condolence from IOGKF UAE. May his soul Rest in Paradise.

My Deepest Condolences. I am really saddened to hear of Sensei Chris Larken’s Death today. I have no words for this unexpected loss of respected Sensei Chris Larken Australian Chief Instructor, he will be sadly missed; this is a big shock for me. Sensei Larken was a remarkable Karate Instructor in Australia. It was honor knowing him. My deepest condolence on the passing of Sensei Chris Larken and deepest sympathies go out to all the family of Sensei Larken and IOGKF Family. May God give you all the peace.

Sowyamvu Raj Dangol
(IOGKF Nepal)

Kerri, I am truly sorry to hear of the lost of your husband. Sensei Chris Larken, please accept our condolences and may our prayers help comfort you in your flight.
(IOGKF Malaysia)
IOGKF-Dominican expresses its condolences to all members of the IOGKF and the Larken’s family on the death of Chris Larken Sensei (7th Dan, chief instructor IOGKF Australia). Rest in peace.
Jose Di Carlo
(IOGKF Dominican Republic)
Deepest condolences to Sensei’s wife and family from IOGKF Singapore.
(IOGKF Singapore) 

Words fail to express the sadness felt by all at the passing of a wonderful man, father, karateka, mentor and friend in Sensei Chris Larken. No one can fully appreciate the grief felt by Kerri, Shiromi, Chris’ immediate family and the Newcastle family, but our hearts goes out to them during this time. It may be premature but at some point we also need look back with a smile to the all the good times we had with him and even laugh if our memories call for it.We miss you dearly Sensei Chris.

TJ DeCastella

(IOGKF Australia – IOGKA)


Sad news indeed. A great man and true inspiration. Our deepest sympathy with Kerry and the rest of the family.
Anton & Suna

(IOGKF Australia – IOGKA)


From the bottom of my heart a hug to you Kerri. May GOD give you strenght throughout these hard times. So sorry for your loss.

Judith Jimenez
Shintaiki Ji New York
I am very sorry for the bad news. My condolences to Sensei Chris’ family and to IOGKF.
Brigitte Cousin and AFKGO
(IOGKF France)
The world has lost another great person. Today I am very sad .. I fondly remember Chris when I first met him when I came across along with Sensei Jarvis to Newcastle 1976 , Those were wonderful days of raw hard training but forged strong bonds . My deepest condolences to you all in Australia and to Kerri and family . Sincerely,
Dennis May
(Karate New Zealand)