Sanchin is a Kata practiced by millions of Karate practitioners all over the world and the global popularization of Okinawan martial arts over the past 60 years has seen the Kata take many forms.

Sensei Pervez Mistry, referred to as the father of Karate in India, is an 8th Dan in Okinawan Goju-ryu Karate and has a career which has spanned over half a century. He has witnessed first-hand the spread of Karate and Sanchin Kata worldwide due to the fact that he has been studying the art and the Kata longer than most people will ever hope to. His lifelong research into Sanchin Kata has resulted in his newly published work, “Sanchin – Three Battles: Anatomy and Physiology of Sanchin Kata’.

This book is a monumental breakdown of all aspects of Sanchin, from regional anatomy and physiology of the entire body when practicing the actual Kata, hormonal responses, testing of the Kata’s effects upon the body, correct posture, Shime ‘correcting’, fighting applications related to the movements, along with a details on how to improve Sanchin performance.

But this book is much, much more than just an essential document for any serious Karate-ka’s library. It is full of wonderful stories from Sensei Mistry’s many years of training and from being a senior instructor in IOGKF International. It includes many impressive and previously untold stories about Master Morio Higaonna and the masters who have come before him. Couple this with the many wonderful examples Sensei Mistry uses to ensure that you fully understand the detailed anatomy and physiological aspects of the text and you will find you have discovered a book that is indeed very special.

Reading this book, not only gives you a greater understand of Sanchin Kata, but also a deeper appreciation for it too. Early on in Sensei Mistry’s book, he talks about his first trip to Okinawa in 1981 and seeing Masters Anichi Miyagi and Seiko Kina (both then in their 60’s), throwing and putting down 5th and 6th Dan’s half their age with the greatest of ease. When the group questioned how these Masters were able to achieve such feats against much larger opponents, they replied in part that it was because they practiced Sanchin Kata.

This book is about unraveling the mystery and myths of Sanchin Kata and by being provided with such clear details, it helps you to understand much of what the Okinawan masters have known long before the rest of the world.

Sensei Mistry writes very well, makes the scientific aspects easy to follow and understand, and really makes you feel as though you are on a journey with him as he shares his many experiences and stories – the like of which can only be gathered through a life time of sincere training.

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Copies of this book will be available at the 2016 IOGKF Okinawan World Budosai and will be available for autographs from Sensei Mistry.