Instructors Profile – Sensei Adrienne Langgartner (Godan)
(IOGKF Admin Director)

Recently appointed as the replacement for Nakamura Sensei in the IOGKF Administrative office, Sensei Adrienne Langgartner has a wealth of martial arts knowledge that is matched only by her sincere passion in the arts she dedicates her life too. She is an excellent choice to be our new administrative director…

Adrienne started with the IOGKF in 1994 and trains under Nakamura Sensei. She competed for many years in tournaments winning a number of medals.  For the past eight years she has been assisting Nakamura Sensei with the administration of his dojo and IOGKF Canada.  She has been the IOGKF Canada Treasurer since 2004, she worked on the writing of the IOGKF Canada Constitution for three years and she has been a member of the IOGKF Canada Executive Committee since 2008.She has coordinated many tournaments and events, including in 2006 the Miyagi Chojun Festival and World Championship.

Adrienne has a Masters degree in teaching with more than 25 years teaching business and administration courses.

She is a founding member of Do Kon Daiko, a Japanese taiko group that has been performing for over 14 years. She has also received her shodan in Shodo, Japanese calligraphy.

It has been the challenge, both mental and physical, that drew Adrienne to karate.She loves that there is always something new to learn.

Karate has given her so much.Besides the physical conditioning and improved health, she has met many wonderful people, travelled to a number of countries, learned to play the taiko and Japanese flute, and is on a life-long pursuit to learn Japanese.