Goju-ryu Academy Update


The Goju-ryu academy website was first announced in the IOGKF International Newsletter over 18 months ago. It was the visionary invention of Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Roy Flatt of the EGKA – IOGKF England.

A lot has changed over the past year and a half with the promotion of Sensei Molyneux to a Goju-ryu 8th Dan and to IOGKF World Vice-Chief Instructor. Much the same can be said for the Goju-ryu academy training tool.

The expansion of the site, along with explosion of new content available has been a real work of love for all involved within the project. This is an essential tool for any Goju-ryu practitioner or any martial artist looking to become an all round better fighter.

The benefit of investing in the academy website is that unlike DVD’s, as improvements and discoveries are made within the Goju-ryu system they are added to the side with no extra added to your subscription fee. Where DVD’s eventually become outdated, the archive of the academy site continues to grow and improve.

Each grade kyu grade and black belt level has a specific section that cover the basic, etiquette, kata and bunkai knowledge required under the EGKA grading curriculum; a curriculum that has had much success with the EGKA being one of IOGKF International’s biggest member organizations.

A FREE SAMPLE is available on the website so all visitors can get a taste of what they can expect within a subscription that for the content you receive seems almost too affordable! http://www.gojuryuacademy.com/sample/

It is a training tool that is of relevance to Goju-ryu practitioners around world and is like a private lesson with Sensei Molyneux, an instructor who has much International acclaim and a following & competitive record to match.

Also see the Free Street Self Defence Section: