Winter Gasshuku with Nakamura Sensei

At “Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts Education Inc.” – I.O.G.K.F Canada

1 The group photo taken at our Winter Gasshuku

On Friday February 24 t h 2012, Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts Education Inc. (a member dojo of I.O.G.K.F Canada) held their first “Winter Gasshuku” , and were privileged to welcome Nakamura Sensei (Chief Instructor IOGKF Canada, Vice Chief Instructor IOGKF International, 6 th Dan) to their facility for the first time since joining IOGKF Canada in 2006.

The gasshuku was a large success, with many children, teens and adult students in attendance to train under Nakamura Sensei for the evening. The wide variety of participants also included a visit from Sensei Michelina from Kaizen Dojo in Oakv ille, Ontario.

The evenings’ training began first with junbi undo and other various warm-up exercises, many of which were greatly enjoyable for the many juniors in attendance.  Nakamura Sensei’s athleticism challenged all participants to give their best effort throughout the warm-up, and also made the beginning of training very enjoyable and motivational for the many children taking part.

Following the junbi undo, and other warm-up exercises, training shifted into suri ashi, and kihon training. It was during this portion of the gasshuku that Nakamura Sensei began to explain the importance of relaxation, and timing when using suri ashi movements; having the participants practice in heiko dachi, neko ashi dachi and also zenkutsu dachi, explaining the details behind each position and movement using it.

This was followed by a lengthy period of kihon training; where Nakamura Sensei began to push everyone even further to give their best effort (especially in their shiko dachi). Nakamura Sensei explained many combination techniques, such as sanbon uke (and subsequent variations) as well as sanbon zuki. The v ariations included throughout kihon training proved highly enjoyable for every participant as they continued to push themselves and continue to give their best focus and effort throughout training; learning something new about themselves, and their Karate along the way.

Later on, after a short break, training transitioned into v arious partner exercises which focused on the use of suri ashi movement to get close to an opponent. Nakamura Sensei explained the correct method behind executing various techniques such as, kizami zuki, gyaku zuki, and oi zuki; as well as trapping, and grabbing techniques which were used to “bridge” the gap between opponents.

Towards the end of the gasshuku, it became time for Kata practice. The group began first with Gekkisai Dai Ichi, and it was wonderful to see so many of the younger students give their best effort throughout the many repetitions. As Nakamura Sensei began to move through towards the higher level kata the many participants continued to try their best, and showed their utmost focus and effort for Nakamura as guided ev eryone through Gekkisai Dai Ni, Saifa, Seiyunchin and Shisochin. Afterwards, as everyone sat and watched the seniors perform their kata,

Nakamura Sensei generously demonstrated Suparinpei for everyone in attendance. As always, it was amazing to see Nakamura Sensei perform his kata at such a high level. His demonstration was highly exciting for the younger students as well as motivational and awe-inspiring for the more senior members in attendance.

Overall, the Winter Gasshuku held at Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts Education Inc. in February of 2012 was a tremendous success and a proud moment for everyone at the dojo. It was a great pleasure and honor to host Nakamura Sensei for a one-night gasshuku, as everyone who attended was left with a renewed sense of purpose in their training as well as many goals to aspire to. Nakamura Sensei is a tremendous talent within IOGKF, and his generosity, teaching and visit to our dojo is something we will always be thankful to have had.