Editors Announcement

IOGKF International Editor

David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

To contact the newsletter email: lambert@goulburnkarate.com

Welcome back to the IOGKF International Newsletter and to our second issue. This issue has proven to be one of ‘first’s’ in IOGKF International Newsletter history.

New Format:

This is the first newsletter to be published under our new format which now sees three newsletters released each year. (April, August, December). The move was made to boost the content component of each newsletter and as you will see from this edition the plan has been a big success. I still wish to encourage IOGKF chief instructors and members everywhere to continue to contribute to this worthwhile venture that is assisting to document modern IOGKF history utilising the Internet!


As always I wish to encourage as many people as possible to attend the Okinawan World Budosai in July this year. It will be without a doubt one the premier Goju-ryu events of all time. Training in the tropical paradise that is the birthplace of Karate only adds to the luxury of practicing under Higaonna Sensei and the atmosphere that comes with this.

AUGUST 2012 Newsletter:

Our first ever August edition will creep up fast and will be primarily dedicated to the coverage of the World Budosai. I want to encourage all attendees to share their Budosai experiences with us in the next newsletter! Also we love to include your articles and event reports from around the world, so please keep them coming! Items can be submited up until August 5th, 2012. Please email: lambert@goulburnkarate.com

Thank you:

I would like to once again thank the incredible Newsletter staff/team whom support me in putting together each edition. Sensei Helmut Leitner’s dedication to producing the newsletter into its online version is something I really appreciate and cannot thank him enough for. I would also like to thank all the people who have contributed regularly since the last Budosai and all of our translation team who have helped to make the newsletter truly International. Another big thank you goes to Sensei Roberto Zapata for his contributions of his incredible talent through our Goju-ryu Masters Comic Book series! Thank you also to Nakamura Sensei for his guidance with the newsletter. I really appreciate all of your efforts!

See you in Okinawa!

David Lambert

Editor – IOGKF International