IOGKF Chief Instructors Photo Galleries

Compiled by: Howie Hamilton – IOGKF Canada

Howie Hamilton has followed the IOGKF to its most memorable moments in recent years and utilising his talent of photography, has documented numerous pictures that will no doubt be of incredible historical importance in the decades to come. Now Howie has complied galleries of Higaonna Sensei and a other chief instructors for IOGKF members to access...

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Using his own personal Facebook profile, Howie has kindly compiled albums for the following IOGKF Instructors, not to mention numerous Gasshuku:

Higaonna Sensei (Okinawa), Bakkies Sensei (South Africa), Terauchi Sensei (Japan), Yamashiro Sensei (Okinawa), Nakamura Sensei (Canada), Masuyama Sensei (Sweden), Kuramoto Sensei (Okinawa) Sensei Molyneux (England), Sensei Andrews (England), Sensei Monterio (Portugal), Sensei Nunes (Spain), Sensei Larsen (Denmark), Sensei Mistry (India), Sensei Tata (Argentina), Sensei Marchant (England), Sensei Spongia (Italy), Sensei Leijenhorst (Netherlands) & Sensei Smith (Bremuda) – just to name a few!

All of this Howie has done for Free and all you will need is a Facebook account to access them. You can either search facebook for: Howie Hamilton and request him as a friend.


Click the below link to go to Howie’s facebook page:!/lamaman1590/photos

A big thank you goes out to Howie for his continued effort to IOGKF members!