Welcome to the September 2011 Edition of the IOGKF Newsletter

Welcome to our September 2011 Edition! Enjoy your 2011 Portugal European Gasshuku Report and Sensei John Lambert Memorial coverage along with all of Higaonna Sensei’s latest events and news! Be sure to check out our great range of feature articles and events reports...
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Administrative office:

Administrative announcements - From: Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura
Editors Notes

Articles and research:

New IOGKF merchandising information
Understanding Kata – By: Sensei Pavel Klopov – IOGKF Russia EN ESP
Why you should train Karate when you are an adult – By: Michael Laing – IOGKF Denmark
Our first Gasshuku – By: Yuri Tamashiro and Natatja Bauer – IOGKF EGKA