By: Ralph Elliot-King – IOGKF England – EGKA Secretary

If you have the choice … never choose to fight

Unfortunately, as the innocent party the choice is often not yours to make. Street violence is ugly and often ends in people getting seriously hurt.

Description: Self defence against street fighting

People even get killed in street fights every year just because they took a sharp blow to the head.

So think about the consequences to you and your family if you were to go out on the town tonight and wake up tomorrow morning in a Police cell facing a murder or man-slaughter charge.

If only … you took the chance to walk away instead of standing your ground. If only … he hadn´t thrown the first punch. If only … he hadn´t fallen and struck his head on the corner of the table when you punched him back? If only … and it really can happen to someone just like you.

If the risk of killing someone is too abstract or unlikely for you, think about the cost of capping your broken teeth, or the loss of earnings when you spend several weeks recovering from a broken jaw. It´s painful too.

Even if you were the completely innocent victim of an unprovoked attack, you could still end up with a criminal record for assault. All it takes is one witness to convince the jury or magistrate you used excessive force in defending yourself. A criminal record can have far reaching and unforeseen consequences on your future employment. Even applying for a holiday travel visa can be adversely affected.

So for all the reasons above, the first rule of self defence is not put yourself in a position where you have to defend yourself in the first place.

Avoidence is better than cure

If you sense trouble brewing around you, trust your instincts and quietly move away from the potential threat before anything really kicks off.

If you see a gang of trouble makers up ahead, make sure you are going somewhere they are not.

If you are out and alone and feel you have attracted the unwanted attention of a third party, don´t hesitate to head for the safety of the nearest shop, bar or restaurant. Call a friend or a taxi to pick you up. Even knock on a door and ask for help. Don´t take that shortcut across a deserted park at night.

Don´t make a bad situation worse

If you are confronted by an angry and potentially violent person, your first course of action should always be to try and remain calm yourself.

Keep your distance, and raise your hands to about head height, palms forward towards your aggressor, and keep them there.

Description: Self Defence against street violence

This is a non-threatening gesture that now allows you to keep your arms in a good position to block and defend yourself.

Hopefully you can keep talking and defuse the confrontation. The much preferred option.

Some anger management experts believe that if placation doesn´t cool the situation down quickly, continuing to follow the same appeasement policy may lead your aggressor to perceive you as weak.

This may result in them deciding they can attack you with little risk to themselves. Not quite the reaction you were after.

If calm isn´t working, try calling their bluff

If you think your aggressor is winding themselves up to launch an attack, you really have nothing to lose by calling their bluff.

Description: How to defend yourself against street violence

Try switching from calm to a very aggressive attitude yourself. The sudden change may shock your aggressor into losing their nerve and they may just back off. Just keep your distance.

But when all else fails … you have no choice but to make a stand and defend yourself.

You are about to view some simple, but highly effective self defence films. They are simple because you will need to remember how to use them under stress.

There are no half measures when you are being attacked by a mugger, rapist or some other assailant intent on doing you bodily harm. You will need to fight back with total conviction.

The Law does allow you to use reasonable force to defend yourself. So your objective is to hurt your attacker hard enough to allow you to make good your escape - Nothing more.

Press home the attack after they have gone down, and ironically you become the aggressor. Do too little, and you will just make them even angrier.

So concentrate on doing whatever it takes to remove the will of your attacker to fight on. Only start worrying about the Law when your personal safety is no longer under threat.

Follow the below link to see FREE self defence videos: – Sensei Ernie & Sensei Roy’s Karate video Academy Website.