IOGKF Members Worldwide unite to support Japan Tsunami Relief

IOGKF members Worldwide have contributed in many way to support many organisations, mainly the Red Cross, in their battle to help restore Japan to its formerly glory after the devastating tsunami that hit the country earlier this year. Nakamura Sensei and IOGKF Canada have definitely lead the charge raising twice the amount they first set for themselves...

Below are updates from Nakamura Sensei’s personal facebook site which shows the progress of fundraising that expanded as far as Europe...

Emilie and Sophia are making Origami Craned for the fundraiser for Japan Red Cross.

Today, Emilie and Sophia raised $16 for Japan Red Cross fundraiser.

Today, Emilie and Sophia raised another $14 (total $30 in two days) for Japan Red Cross Fundraiser. Good job!!

First day of Japan Red Cross Fundraiser, we made over $350. Great job. Our goal is raise $2,000 as a dojo, and $5,000 as an organization (IOGKF Canada).

As of March 24th, there are 9,487 people died, and 18,357 people are missing in Japan. (The Asahi news)

I brought 50 Origami Cranes to Poland, and told all participants at Gasshuku about our dojo Origami fundraiser for Japan Earthquake and Tsunami disaster. Within 10 minutes, all Origami cranes were gone, and I raised over $170. Thank you for all participants from IOGKF Poland, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic for your generosity. I will make sure to send this money to Japan Red Cross.

As of today, we (Shudokan Family Karate Centre) raised $718.40 in 10 days, and many Canadian Dojo are also fundraising for Japan Red Cross. As always, we will try our best and never give up!!

As of today, we raised over $900. Now two local schools started Origami Fundraiser initiated by our junior students. We also have donation box at Burlington library as well. Neighbour of our junior students (Sonja and Katja) was impressed and encouraged by their effort to make a difference and she posted an article on her blog (

As of today, we raised over $2,000. Our member dojo (Ishigogyu Martial Arts) also raised $4,000, and other IOGKF Canada Dojo’s are all raising funds for Japan. We have already exceeded my original goal ($2,000 from my dojo, $5,000 from IOGKF Canada). Let's keep going!! Gambatte!!

Yesterday, we participated in "Hope for Japan" Bake Sale. We raised $180 selling Origami Crane. Many dojo members came by. We had a great time.

As of today, IOGKF Canada raised over $12,000 for Japan Red Cross. Thank you for all members!! We are still going on!! Gambatte!!

As of today, IOGKF Canada raised over $1,300.00 for Japan Red Cross. We are having silent auction at my dojo grand opening. Hope we will be able to add some more for Japan.

We raised $240 from Origami Crane for Japan Red Cross in Cancun, Mexico Gasshuku. Mucho Gracias!!

I received $200 cheque for Japan Fundraiser from Ramsin Khoshabeh, RB Dojo California. Thank you very much!!

I brought Origami Crane to Romania, all of them were sold and we raised $200 for Japan Red Cross. Thank you everybody for your kind donation!!

Japanese ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted a big BBQ party at the residence of Japanese Ambassador in Washington D.C. inviting 1,200 US top government officials, soldiers, volunteers who went to Japan to help the victims of recent big earthquake and Tsunami. Higaonna Sensei, Toda Sensei (Japan) and I were invited to demonstrate Okinawa Goju-Ryu. From left, Toda Sensei, Higaonna Sensei, Japanese Ambassador. It was nice to meet all Japanese masters and speak to them in Japanese.



IOGKF ENGLAND – EGKA also cancelled one of their Gasshuku’s to participate and compete in the below event to support fundraising for Japan’s Tsunami Relief...

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Many other organisations and member countries around the world also engaged in fundraising efforts. IOGKF International as a whole came together in a family oriented way, pushing towards one goal and, together, surpassing it. A big thank you to everyone who helped support Japan in its time of need!