UBUNTU ‘the movie’ DVD Review

By: David Lambert – IOGKF International Editor

A must have! That is the best way to sum up the fantastic DVD that has been put together by Sensei Bakkies Laubscher and his assistants in South Africa to commemorate the success of the 2010 IOGKF World Gasshuku.

But don’t be fooled, this is no ordinary Gasshuku DVD, this is a professionally produced, almost documentary style presentation that truly captures the spirit of the IOGKF. It is a beautiful blend of training footage and numerous interviews, which have been edited in a way that the presentation takes you on a journey through the event. For those who were fortunate enough to attend, watching this DVD will be like reliving the event and for those who couldn’t make it, you will feel as if you were there.

A great addition in amongst the many wonderful comments from IOGKF senior instructors, is cut away’s to regular members of IOGKF International, whose take on the events and the atmosphere really completes a fantastic family feeling for those watching.

It is also fantastic to see plenty of very rare footage from the Chief Instructors training sessions, where (as Sensei Laubscher has said before) we see the ‘chiefs’ become ‘Indian’s again under Higaonna Sensei’s tutelage.

This DVD has received very positive reviews from all around the World, including from Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura who said ‘I had the opportunity to view the entire DVD. It was a fantastic production and I highly recommend this DVD to all IOGKF members. It is very inspiring.’

You can order your copy of history in the Ubuntu DVD via the online store on the Ubuntu website: http://www.iogkf-ubuntu.co.za/shop