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David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

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Welcome back to the IOGKF International Newsletter and to our second issue. This issue has proven to be one of ‘first’s’ in IOGKF International Newsletter history.

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the IOGKF International Newsletter and our first edition for 2011. This edition includes a fantastic variety of articles from our members all over the World. I hope all of our members enjoy it immensely.

End of Decade Project

Unfortunately due to Higaonna Sensei’s very busy schedule at the IOGKF Oceania Gasshuku, we did not have the time to finish our filming for the end of decade project. Instead we have decided to do a complete look at IOGKF International’s past at the 2012 Okinawan World Budosai. This way we can take footage at Higaonna Dojo and also interview our most senior instructors while they attend the event. I think this will be a much better option and we can produce a higher quality presentation from Okinawa.

June 2011 International Newsetter

Our European Gasshuku preview edition will come around fast. As always I encourage all members around the world to contribute to the International Newsletter. The cut of Date for the June Newsletter will be June 15, 2011. I look forward to seeing our members continuing to share experiences and research through the International Newsletter.

Best Regards to all,

David Lambert

Editor – IOGKF International

David Lambert
Editor – IOGKF International
IOGKF Australia