2010-Higaonna Sensei's History of Karate - Russian TV documentry

A Russia TV presenter has visited Higaonna Sensei’s home and Dojo in Okinawa to learn and document the History of Goju-ryu Karate. Although the videos are available on Russian only, there are many demonstrations by Higaonna Sensei along with many rare photographs - some never before published. Karate knows no language barriers and it is very easy to follow this video. We hope in the future to feature videos like these with subtitles.

Includes various shots of Okinawa &

Higaonna Sensei in his private Karate museum.

Sanchin Demonstration from Nakamura Sensei,

History explanations in Higaonna Dojo.

Part 2/3

Demonstrations of Chishi, Nigire Game &

Pitchurrin Kata & Tensho Kata by Higaonna Sensei.

Part 3/3

See Higaonna Sensei’s personal conditioning training,

demonstration of joint locks, more history & photos.