The ultimate - Ubuntu World Gasshuku 2010

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This is the only upcoming event this year where you will have Higaonna Sensei, Bakkies Sensei and Terauchi Sensei all in the one place, ready to satisfy your training needs!

With numbers already exceeding high expectations don’t miss out and register for this once in a life time event today!

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Sensei Bakkies Laubscher, in October this year you are hosting one of the biggest events in IOGKF history. What is going to make this event different than past ones?

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I think mainly because it is a 3 in 1 event. Firstly, being the IOGKF Chief Instructors Gasshuku. Then, the Ubuntu Gasshuku, which will be like a World Gasshuku. I mentioned in a previous newsletter, in one of my articles, that I travel to these large Gasshuku’s and Budosai’s etc, and I never see a Chishi for every person on the floor. In South Africa, there will be a Chishi for every person on the floor.

We’re going to get back to the real roots of the Karate. We’re also going to focus on the self defence aspect and something which is in our grading syllabus, which is defence against a baton attack -  which is one of the most common forms of attack. If you don’t train for attacks against a stick or a knife you can’t do it, you can’t just rely on Kata. You really have to train for it, so that will be another emphasis.

And the third one will be the World friendship tournament, which will be fought on those rules I explained to you early ( in the interview in the newsletter articles section), which we’ve developed and it will be controlled in the way which we’ve developed it. I’m sure afterwards everybody is going to be really happy with it and have a positive feeling from the tournament. We won’t have the guy walking away feeling robbed!

Over the years we’ve held various forms of tournaments in the IOGKF and none have been successful. The previous one in 2006 in Canada was the closest we’ve ever come to being successful when we started implementing these rules with a black belt division and a team division, so hopefully we can build from there.