Visit to IOGKF Canberra

Visit to IOGKF Canberra

By: David Lambert – Editor IOGKF International

On June 10, IOGKF Australian instructor, Sensei David Lambert, took a group of his students to Canberra, where they spent a few hours training under Sensei Joe Roses and Sensei Ari Takkenen...

On Thursday June 10th, 2010 I took 18 of my students to Canberra in Australia to train with one of Australia’s chief instructors, Sensei Joe Roses.

Sensei Roses has been an advisor to my Dojo since 2007 and he makes the effort to travel down to Goulburn twice a year, when I invite him to conduct regional seminars in our area. At the end of his last visit in November last year, my students vowed to repay the visit by travelling to Sensei Joe’s Dojo for training.

Keen students embarked on fundraising efforts a few months ago, selling boxes of chocolates to get enough money together so everyone could travel on a bus for free.

I wrote to the local Goulburn Worker’s club and asked if we could use their community bus and they were extremely enthusiastic and donated the bus without a hire fee! My sincere thanks to Mr. Peter Walker and everyone at the Goulburn Workers club for their generosity!


Along with the Workers club, we received even more generosity from local man, Mr. Peter Grady, who volunteered to drive the bus for us when we couldn’t find a driver. Mr. Grady has no involvement with the club, so it was an amazing show of community for him to volunteer his services. Without the help of the Workers club and Mr. Grady the trip would not have been possible!

The bus trip was a great experience and the pee-wee students I sat with really made sure I didn’t miss any of the sights on the way! I was also really impressed with our group of teenage girls who sang us a range of songs and were actually pretty good!

When we arrived at the Dojo, Sensei Ari and Sensei Joe both welcomed us. Sensei Ari took all of my students for half an hour before all the senior students arrived. Sensei Ari took them through some really interesting ground movement drills and the smiles on everyone’s faces were really great.


We then spent the next hour training with adults. Sensei Ari really accommodated all the younger students while giving the adults a good workout in the basics department. Sensei Ari’s methods of training is a true testament to the fact that you can do thousands of one technique and not get many out of it, or you can really put a lot of thought into each movement and get plenty from it! We all got a lot out of Sensei Ari’s methods.

After an hour of basics and body movement exercises, Sensei Ari took everyone for Kata and Sensei Roses put Sensei Pat Brown and I through our paces with his signature knife defence drills.

When training had finished, Sensei Joe gathered all of my young students and asked them where they were going for dinner. When the reply was McDonalds, Sensei Joe said follow me! It was really great to see such a senior IOGKF Instructor sit down with 8 year olds and have dinner and a chat with them.

I know this really meant a lot to everyone and as always Sensei Roses left us all feeling motivated and clear.