IOGKF Australia Gasshuku with Sensei Bakkies Laubscher

By: David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

Sensei Bakkies Laubscher just paid a visit to Goulburn, Australia where he ran yet another successful Gasshuku for their organisation. The IOGKF World technical advisor covered everything from advanced Kata to Kakie and of course effective Kihon techniques...

From May 14 – 16, IOGKF Australia hosted IOGKF World technical advisor, Sensei Bakkies Laubscher, in my home town of Goulburn from a National Gasshuku. Since 2005 it has been an annual event for us to bring Sensei Bakkies to Australia, however 2009 was a busy year and we were unable to secure a visit from this great instructor. So anticipation for training under Sensei Bakkies again, had really built through our organisation.

Training began on Friday Morning with a 4th Dan and up session. Sensei Bakkies took the time to explain the junbi undo techniques thoroughly and the big theme for the weekend – ‘Shoulders back and down’! The group then practiced Suparimpei Kata under Sensei Bakkies’ watchful eye.

After a short break for lunch, there was training for all Dan grades. Sensei Bakkies focused the session on Kakie. He explained how a lot of people generate power using incorrect technique and how that those people hadn’t pushed him yet! It was a great session and Sensei Bakkies explained a lot out ‘mia’ or fighting distance. He also made it clear that Kakie was training for close fighting and that it was not actually close fighting.

Following another break, we had an all grades session, where Sensei Bakkies put the 80 odd participants through their paces in Kihon training, with the usual Kiai accompanied with every move.

The next morning began with 3rd Dan and above training. Sesan was the theme of the session. Sensei Bakkies broke the Kata down into segments which were practiced again and again. Time flew all too quickly and it was time to give the waiting participants their morning fix.

After another vigorous junbi undo, Bakkies Sensei moved quickly to build on the basic techniques we learned the night before. We were taught how to evade quickly and effectively with great explanations about footwork.

Once we’d returned from lunch, we split the participants in 4 groups – All Dan grades and 3 kyu grade groups. Sensei Bakkies worked with the Dan grades on Shisochin Kata, unfortunately the time flew all too quickly again and another day was done and dusted.

The final morning began with Sensei Bakkies once again working with the 3rd Dan and above group on Sesan. It was a chilly morning in Goulburn on the day, so as part of the Junbi Undo, Sensei Bakkies put the seniors through their paces with really fast Sandan Gi training.

Following this, Sensei Bakkies once again built on the Basics from the last few sessions and put us through some really great footwork drills in a variety of stances.

After lunch, Sensei Bakkies finished his build up with combining our evasion, blocking, foot changing and countering drills, with throws and locks. It was a great conclusion to a great Gasshuku.

Sensei Bakkies took the time to explain why basics are the key to being good at any physical activity. He said a good tennis player serves 1000 balls a day, a swimmer swims 100 laps every morning and that Tiger Woods collects hotel shampoo bottles in amongst hitting 100 balls every day! ‘A Karate person must Karate.’

I want to thanks Sensei Bakkies for taking the time to visit Goulburn and for inspiring us once again. Thanks also go to the Gasshuku organising team and our Chief Instructors.

See a training montage from the event below!