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IOGKF International Editor

David Lambert – IOGKF Australia

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Welcome back once again to the IOGKF International Newsletter. We have a great range of articles and Gasshuku reports in this edition, including our exclusive interview with Sensei Bakkies Laubscher, IOGKF 8th Dan and World Technical advisor.

Along with that we the hot off the presses 2010 IOGKF Miyagi Chojun Festival report from Spokane, USA and the 10 year tribute article to late IOGKF senior instructor, Shihan David Lambert.

Be sure to check out our newest edition of the Goju-ryu Masters comic book series, once again drawn by the extremely talented Sensei Roberto Zapata of IOGKF Colombia.


There are a number of items we promised in our last issue for this edition of the IOGKF International Newsletter which have not made it in. This is due to a number of totally unforeseen circumstances, including the eruption of the Icelandic Volcano.

On the behalf of the International Newsletter, I apologise for any inconvenience caused and I hope to be able to bring some of these articles and series’ back in our September edition.

Thank you

As always I want to thank Sensei Helmut Leitner for his wonderful web design in putting the newsletter together, as well as all of our IOGKF Language translators. They do all of this for no reward and I really appreciate their efforts.

Thank you also to IOGKF USA Chief Instructor, Sensei Gene Villa, for getting the 2010 MCF report to our office with 24 hours of the event! That was a great effort!

September 2010 Edition

Our September 2010 will be an Ubuntu Gasshuku preview edition, however as always any member can submit an item for consideration for the newsletter!

All items must be submitted by August 16th 2010


I want to encourage IOGKF members all around the world to get into the habit of writing a report and submitting it to the newsletter every time they attend an event. There are no word limits with our articles and reports and I encourage everyone to participate in the newsletter and let everybody else know you are out there. Remember nothing is ever too big or too small for the IOGKF International Newsletter!

Best Regards,

David Lambert

Editor – IOGKF International