IOGKF Australia - Mulwaree on Show demonstration

By: J’hemma Lacey – 8th Kyu

For the past 5 years, Mulwaree High School in Goulburn, Australia hosts an annual community event call ‘Mulwaree on show’. Students of the Goulburn’s local high school put on an evening of entertainment, food and fun for all members of the community. IOGKF Australian members and Mulwaree students participated in the festivities with a Demonstration as participant, J’hemma Lacey details...

Mulwaree On Show's Karate Demonstration was very successful and outgoing!

Mulwaree on show features students performing either on stage outside in the school quadrangle area or in the main hall, where students also sell food from around the world. But most of all it’s about having fun! The event acts as a fundraiser to the school.

The Karate students and our instructor (Sensei David Lambert), put on a demonstration in the school hall.


We started off with Kata, doing Gekisai Dai Ichi in a big group. Then the girl’s demonstration started, (which was us mainly demonstrating self defence on the boys!)


Next came a demonstration from a small group of our Pee-wee (under 10) students. This was their first ever demonstration and they all volunteered to participate in front of the large 500+ people crowd! They performed a little Yakusoku Kumite which the crowd cheered loudly for!



Sensei Lambert did his demonstration, which was Seipai Kata. Then with two of our junior boys, Hayden and Ray, Sensei performed applications for the Kata against two attackers.


6.jpg 7.jpg

The crowd also enjoyed this and the conditioning demo that followed!


We were about to demonstrate some sparing techniques, but our time had gone all too quick and we had to finish!

But when I got outside everyone was congratulating me and saying what a great demonstration it was. After this I was very happy and I enjoyed the demonstration because it showed everyone that Karate isn't what people think it is and that it is for everyone!