EGKA NISHIMON DOJO GASSHUKU with Sensei Ernie Molyneux

By: Sensei Sean Casey – IOGKF England - EGKA

Sensei Ernie Molyneux held a course in the Sheffield region on the 13th February, which was well attended by around forty students of all ages and grades.

We say Sheffield region, but we need to be more specific now when describing where we train and where courses are held. For years the Nishimon Dojo has been known as Sheffield, but to be precise, it has three sites across the M1 in Rotherham. With the recent addition of three more Dojos (Hallam, Woodhouse and Norton) to the EGKA, which really are in Sheffield, we can no longer get away with just referring to Sheffield!

Sensei Ernie kindly made the trip and in good time to take our regular Saturday morning class at 10am. Usually it is a mix of all ages but we designated it a junior only class for the occasion, with a handful of more mature students to assist. The usual adults were on the sidelines saving their energy for the afternoon. Sixteen juniors were put through their paces in a lively mix of exercise, basics and kata.

The group then migrated to the brand new Maltby Leisure Centre for a 12 midday start and the numbers swelled.

The centre is so new in fact, that it still has a leaking roof, with buckets placed strategically. Luckily, this didn´t restrict the dojo area at all.

Sensei set off with a quality mix of Junbi undo, basics, moving techniques followed by kumite techniques and kata. We were all dripping within the first 10 minutes, some more than others!

The four hours flew by, and it was good to see faces from the South, Liverpool and of course, Sheffield. I would like to thank all those who attended, and trained hard, especially some of the juniors who did both sessions and did not stop to their credit. We wish to thank Sensei Ernie for taking the time to train in our region, and hope to repeat the experience in future.