2010 Miyagi Chojun Festival with Higaonna Sensei information

On behalf of myself and my dojo, I would like to invite you and your

Students to the Miyagi Chojun Festival 2010 and the Pan-American Karate

Championships. I am honored and excited to once again be hosting this prestigious

event in Spokane. I hosted the MCF in the summer of 1996, and it is still one of the highlights of my nineteen years in the IOGKF.

This event will be held at the Mirabeau Part Hotel in the Spokane Valley. The hotel has undergone extensive remodelling and is ideal for our needs. Their restaurant, ‘The Max’, is one of the finest in Spokane!

I have three main goals for the MCF 2010 & Pan-American Karate Championships:

1. To provide events that emphasize camaraderie and friendship among all IOGKF members.

The two main social events are the Welcome Party and the Sayonara Dinner. These two events give everyone a chance to get to know one another and some of the senior instructors just a little better.

2. To put together a dynamic training schedule that fosters growth, understanding and sweat, not only in Goju-Ryu, but in other arts as well.

The training schedule provides every skill level and rank the opportunity to train extensively over the four days of the festival. It is a great pleasure to have Higaonna Sensei back in Spokane. Sensei’s last visit here was in 2002. Nakamura Sensei will also be teaching, as well as many senior instructors.

I have also included two guest instructor seminars: Mr. Roy Harrington will be conducting a Filipino knife seminar and Mr. Chris Charnos will conduct a ground fighting seminar. Both instructors are highly qualified and will certainly add to the overall experience.

3. To organize a tournament that runs smoothly and efficiently, and helps prepare anyone who plans on attending the World Championships in South Africa.

The Pan-American Karate Championships will be the finale of the MCF. The event will essentially be two tournaments. All Kyu grades will compete under current IOGKF friendship tournament rules, while all black belts ages 10 & up will be competing under the tournament rules of the South African Goju-Ryu Association. This will provide those competing in the World Championships in South Africa, to have the opportunity to compete  under those rules in advance and therefore be better prepared. This tournament will also be the final selection process for choosing the USA Team.

It is my sincere desire to make the MCF 2010 a memorable event and everyone’s stay in Spokane an enjoyable one.

Near nature. Near perfect. It's more than a slogan in Spokane; it's a reality!

With all the big city amenities you could wish for, fabulous natural beauty, shops and restaurants, Spokane has it all.

I hope you and your students will consider this as not only a premier Karate event, but also a part of your summer vacation plans.


IOGKF USA Chief Instructor