Fun Corner

March 2010 - YouTube featured clip

Welcome to our featured clip for this issue!

With the youtube revolution over the past 10 years it seems only fair to our members that the newsletter embraces this. As well as featuring youtube videos, where available, in Gasshuku reports and articles, we will be having one clip picked by our editor every issue for our members to feast there eyes on.
While videos should never be relied on for true technical instruction, they can often act as a motivational tool and this is the aim of this section...

During the February 2010 IOGKF Chief Instructors Gasshuku, Sensei Masukazu Kuramoto of Okinawa successfully passed his Rokudan (6th Dan) grading. Kuramoto Sensei is an instructor at Higaonna Dojo in Okinawa, under Higaonna Morio Sensei. He is well known around the World for his strong and heavy techniques and his open, kind and extremely generous heart! This Editions featured clip is dedicated to Kuramoto Sensei.

In this clip you will see Kuramoto Sensei demonstrating Chishi, Nigiri Game and Sashi in Higaonna Dojo. The clip also shows Kuramoto Sensei showing some Kakie techniques and performing Sesan Kata and its basic bunkai.

If you would like to recommend an IOGKF related clip for our next newsletter, please email: