Fun Corner

March 2010 - FIND A WORD

What do these words mean???

Bubishi – An ancient text from which Chojun Miyagi chose the name Goju-ryu.

Sesan – Kata meaning 13 hands or movements.

Mae – Japanese word meaning front or forwards.

Kakie – Pushing hands, a close quarters training exercise.

Kururunfa – Kata meaning to hold on long and then strike suddenly.

Kanyo – Was the name of Kanryo Higaonna Sensei’s father.

Kongoken – large iron chain link, used for hojo undo training.

Kokusai – Kokusai Dori is the main street of Naha City in Okinawa.

Nukite – Japanese word for a spear hand strike.

Dojo – Training hall.

Kihon – Basics.

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