Ernie SenseiBy: Sensei Ernie Molyneux - IOGKF 7th Dan, England-EGKA

IOGKF Executive Committee member and England EGKA Chief Instructor, Sensei Ernie Molyneux being his Kumite Drills Series with a two sets of Combinations. Accompanied by photo and video instruction, this is your oppourtunity to learn effective training drills and techniques for an IOGKF World Kumite Champion...

I have been asked by the Editor to make a regular contribution to the Newsletter and list many of the drills and Kumite combinations that I teach on Gasshuku’s and courses.

Many of the techniques you will see in this and the forthcoming issues are just basic Karate techniques in combination form or variations of our bunkai.  Where I can I will explain the link to the basic technique or the Kata .

 I will accompany the text with photographs and hopefully list a link to youtube where you can also see the combination in video format.

Each drill can be broken down and practiced as Kihon or Kihon Ido, then put together piece by piece and practiced with a partner. Once both partners are familiar with both attack and defence training both left and right sides, try to make the attack and defence from a moving stance almost as though you were actually sparring.

I have listed all techniques in a mixture of Romanised Japanese and English.  I have not listed any stances as we do in basic Ippon Kumite, as I find it easier to let students use the stance they favour most when fighting.


Combination No 1

Attack:  Left leg forward - Hidari Jodan Kisami Tsuki, Migi Chudan Gyaku Tsuki, Hidari Chudan Ude-Uke, pull front leg back and slightly towards right and kick turning Migi Ushiro Geri.

Defence:  Left leg forward - Hidari Jodan Nagashi Uke, Chudan Harai Uke, both with same open hand, then counter Migi Chudan Gyaku Tsuki. As opponent turns for back kick use same hand as Gyaku Tsuki in a low sweeping block and counter using Jun Tsuki Jodan. Or alternatively catch leg and sweep opponent and counter with a stamp kick or punch.

C1.1C1.1 C1.2C1.2

C1.3C1.3 C1.4C1.4

C1.5C1.5 C1.6C1.6


See all versions of this Kumite Combination, performed by Sensei Molyneux here!


Combination No 2 

Attack:   Left leg forward - keep your eyes on your opponent and quickly switch stance from left to right, move forward on your right in a slight diagonal and palm your opponent front hand slightly to the left, in the same action of Migi Kisami Tsuki then Hidari Chudan Gyaku Tsuki, do the Gyaku Tsuki almost like you would punch a Makiwara. Migi Ura Tsuki just behind their front elbow, draw front leg back to sweep opponent.  If opponent falls follow up with a stamp kick, if opponent is just unbalanced deliver Hidari Chudan Mawashi Geri to finish.

The above combination is designed as a pre-emptive strike, if you try this technique out in sparring do not wait for your opponent to start an attack, try to move when you sense they are about to do something.

C2.1 C2.1 C2.2 C2.2

C2.3 C2.3 C2.4 C2.4

C2.5 C2.5 C2.6 C2.6

C2.7 C2.7 C2.8 C2.8

C2.9 C2.9 C2.10C2.10

C2.11C2.11 C2.12C2.12

See all versions of this Kumite Combination, performed by Sensei Molyneux here!


I have tried to make the text as user friendly as possible, obviously the photos and the videos will help one get a better understanding of the technique.

I would appreciate any feedback so I can improve for future issues.

I would like to thank David Lambert for his encouragement in getting me to put pen to paper or in this case my index finger to the keyboard.

Good luck, Ernie Molyneux