Messages from the world IOGKF members

To Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei,
I would just like to send my congratulations to you on your recent appointment as chief instructor of IOGKF.
This appointment only confirms my high regard and respect for Higaonna Sensei and his forward thinking in appointing you as chief instructor.
In recent years I have seen many really successful organisations splinter and split into several fractions, mainly because the chief instructor is no longer there. Sensei will be around for a long time I hope to help and give you guidance to take the IOGKF into the future for the next generation.
I personally will give my whole hearted support however necessary and I know you will be up for the task.
I know I speak for the instructors and students of EGKA when I say we are proud to call you our chief instructor.
Ernie Molyneux
IOGKF World Vice Chief Instructor
England - EGKA

To Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei,

I would like to whole-heartedly, congratulate you on your appointment as Chief Instructor of IOGKF. I personally believe that you are the most natural choice for the role, and with your talent, youth and drive, that you will continue to protect the fundamentals of Goju-Ryu, as Sensei dedicates himself to, and to provide inspiration for all our current and future members. I, as Vice-Chief Instructor, will do everything that is in my power to give you the counsel that you need, and will support you 100% in your endeavors.

I also know, that I speak on behalf of all of the Danish IOGKF members when I say, that we are proud to call you our Chief Instructor and that we look forward to many, many wonderful years of training with you.

You are an outstanding karate-ka and one who truly represents the values of humility, respect and continued self-development. Congratulations, once again.

Henrik Larsen
IOGKF World Vice Chief Instructor

Dear Sensei Nakamura,

Congratulations on your appointment as the IOGKF World Chief Instructor.

I would like to thank and congratulate Sensei Higaonna for his greatness to carry on the generational transfer naming Sensei Nakamura as IOGKF Chief Instructor.

Best Regards

Kancho Yuhki Toda and Dojo students
IOGKF Japan Yokohama Ryureikan Dojo


Sensei Nakamura,

You have our complete support with you as our Chief Instructor. Thank you for all your help and assistance and your unsurpassed dedication to IOGKF and the values it stands for.
Pervez Mistry

Dear Nakamura San,
Destiny as prevailed, as in my article using your imagination “suparinpei” I now know the leader of the future.
In my humble estimation it is the right one, and I will support you and your recommendations.
Congratulations on your grading promotion, you deserve it.
As ever
Sensei George Andrews


Dear Nakamura Sensei,

I would like to to thank to Higaonna Sensei for the incredible work during this long years spreading the Okinawa Goju-Ryu and make the IOGKF the best Organization in the World.

With his effort and sacrifice he dedicated his life, teaching, research and preserving the Okinawa Goju-RyuKarate - Do.

The appointment of Sensei Nakamura for the new IOGKF Chief Instructor is a wise decision of Higaonna Sensei. We know many organizations just finish because the Lieder doesn’t prepare the future for the next generation and Higaonna Sensei just did it.
To you Nakamura Sensei, I congratulate for this promotion as World Chief Instructor of the IOGKF.

This is a difficult job, but with the support of all Chief Instructors of the World you and the IOGKF will be very successful.

You have my support and all Portuguese IOGKF students.

Jorge Monteiro
IOGKF Portugal


Dear Nakamura Sensei,
Israel is honoured and privileged, to have been taught by the late Grand Master, Anichi Miyagi Sensei and Grand Master Morio Higaonna Sensei, who has dedicated his life, to teach, research and preserve the great Okinawan Tradition of "OKINAWAN GOJU RYU".
We congratulate you on your appointment as the next Chief Instructor and are sure that you will take the I.O.G.K.F., from strength to strength.
With our best wishes,
The Kambukai and Norma Pantanowitz.

Message of congratulations from Paolo Taigo Spongia,
Dear Higaonna Sensei, dear Tetsuji Sensei.
It was a great pleasure for me to be present in the moment in which Higaonna Sensei appointed Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei as the new Chief Instructor of IOGKF.
I am living a long friendship with Nakamura Sensei, we shared training and many daily life moments together and I greatly appreciate his personality, his honesty and dedication, and his skills in Goju-ryu such us his spirit of research on the Way of Martial Art.
I recognize in him the same spirit of our ancestors and the humble attitude, same as our Great Teacher Higaonna Sensei, that only is the key for an honest and effective practice and research.
When I invited Nakamura Sensei for the first time in Italy, about 13 years ago, I remember to have told him that I was expecting to see that he will became in the future the new Chief Instructor of IOGKF.
Nakamura Sensei was shy and embarassed because of my statement and answered back to me saying that it should be impossibile... but... I was right in my prophecy.
I spoke at lenght in Okinawa few days ago with Higaonna Sensei and he explained me the reason of such an important decision.
He told me that is now the time for him to make a step back to permit to the new generations to take care of IOGKF and in this way to avoid that at his death our school should fragment like it is happened in many other organizations.
The decision of Higaonna Sensei It is a very responsible and loving act that give to everyone the measure of the loving spirit toward iogkf and the attitude of no-attachment, no-ego, of our great Teacher Morio Higaonna Sensei.
I am sure that with the advices and support of such great vice Chief Instructors like Molyneux Sensei and Larsen Sensei, and Techinical Advisors like Bakkies Sensei and Terauchi Sensei, Nakamura Sensei will be supported in the best way to succeed in his important task.
I also would like that Nakamura Sensei should know that I will give any help and support to him for his mission both taking great care of IOGKF Italy and in any task he should need.
From the bottom of my heart I wish Nakamura Sensei and to all our IOGKF a brilliant future to protect and diffuse the treasure of Goju-Ryu Karate-do to the next generations.
Paolo Taigō Spongia

Dear Nakamura Sensei,
It was great to see and catch up with you, Rania, Emily and Sophia at the Gasshuku and trust that you enjoyed the rest of your trip. I thought that it was a wonderful Budosai and a great send off for Higaonna Sensei in his role of Chief Instructor.
Many congratulations again on your well deserved grading success and on your new role as Chief Instructor for IOGKF. The future of IOGKF is in good hands.
I share your passion and commitment in preserving the art of Traditional Goju Ryu and promoting the Okinawan culture that has been passed on and shared with us over the years.
I wanted to pledge my full support to you and all the IOGKF Directors in helping in any way I can to strengthen and shape the new IOGKF organisation for the future. I have many years of project management experience in the Corporate Banking world managing change into difficult environments, which has included the development of corporate strategic ideas and concepts. I have also my Karate career which has also included challenges from which I have learnt a great deal and draw upon in coaching and organising events.
Naturally I will be very happy to support Sensei Ernie in a greater capacity with EGKA matters as well as focusing on building up my own dojo and spreading Goju Ryu further within my local community. I have started this work recently by using the Canadian members handbook and documenting some further help guides for new members with a view to developing an Instructor's guide and new dojo handbook by the end of the year. I have also been supporting the local police and community groups with cadet boys aged 13- 18 and young women aged 20-25 and providing some introductory sessions and follow up courses in attempt to inspire activity and interest in martial arts.
I really look forward to being part of the next generation to support and protect all the objectives of IOGKF whilst continuing to train and learn as much as I can for the generations to come.
In the meantime, if there is anything I can help with now, please do not hesitate to ask.
Best regards
Linda Marchant

Dear Sensei Nakamura,

I am very pleased to hear that Sensei Higaonna has given you this position. I believe that you are the perfect mix to lead the IOGKF to a next level. Even though I consider some of the other seniors as my close friends too, I believe that your dedication, kindness, skill, curiosity, humbleness and worldly orientation are a wonderful mix and they give me hope for the future of the IOGKF.

I hope to be given another round of karate live in 2013 so I can support your efforts.

I hope you will be able to

Further lead the IOGKF over the bridge that connects the land of tradition with that of modernity.

Further catalyze the karate offering into a full package of health-, fitness-,self defence, personal growth, ethical awakening & spiritual practice.

Maintain the indeed wonderful atmosphere you refer to.

Continue to increase the IOGKF’s financial health.

Initialize an impulse to improve the level of instruction in the IOGKF countries.

Warm regards and good luck,

IOGKF Netherlands

Dear Nakamura

On behalf of IOGKF Austria first and foremost immense appreciation and respect is due to Higaonna Sensei for his tireless efforts over many decades and sometimes in the face of adversity to found and run an organization like the IOGKF.  From its humble beginnings 33 years ago it has grown to be a world-wide, highly respected organization transmitting traditional Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate.  One can truly say that the dream of one man together with the other founding visionaries of the IOGKF in Poole in 1979 is a reality that represents a force to be reckoned with in the traditional karate scene.

On your appointment as Chief Instructor of the IOGKF allow me on behalf of IOGKF Austria to extend sincere congratulations.  The trust Higaonna Sensei places in you through this appointment honours you and your efforts.  It also brings with it an immense responsibility and the daunting task of taking over from Higaonna Sensei. Rest assured of our commitment and loyalty to you as you take on the responsibility of Chief Instructor of the IOGKF.

Kind trhstfd.

Raoul Vogel
on behalf of IOGKF Austria

In the name of all the Belgian IOGKF members, I would like to congratulate you becoming 7th Dan and with the appointment as the new Chief-Instructor of IOGKF. 

For the future of IOGKF it is important to make these structural arrangements and we know you will do it well. We appreciate you very much as a person and we all know you are an excellent karateka dedicated to Traditional Goju-Ryu . We also want to thank Higaonna Sensei and the other Senior instructors for making IOGKF a successful organization. Hopefully we can enjoy training with Higaonna Sensei for many more years, he still is and will always be, a true inspiration. We know the other Senior instructors will all guide and support you in succeeding in this important task.

We wish you a lot of success and a great future ahead.

Patrick and Mieke Curinckx
The Belgian IOGKF family

Dear Sensei,

I will like to congratulate you on your grading and your fantastic achievement of being given the world chief instructors position, the organisation can only go forward with you, sensei Ernie and sensei Larsen in charge.

Yours truly Joe Roses
IOGKF Australia

Nakamura Sensei,

On behalf of the IOGKF-USA and myself personally, we all wish to extend our happiest congratulations on your appointment as World Chief Instructor. Having known you for so many years, I feel very privileged to call you friend, fellow karateka and now chief instructor. Higaonna Sensei is truly brilliant. In entrusting you with the future of the IOGKF and the continued preservation of Goju-Ryu, he has sealed his legacy for all time. I believe Sensei will have accomplished what few other masters have ever done; ensured that his organization and his life’s work will live beyond him. I know you are the right man to lead the IOGKF into the future and with the support and guidance from the founders of this great organization, you will continue Higaonna Sensei’s dream to share the teachings of Goju-Ryu throughout the world. The IOGKF-USA is proud to call you our chief instructor. You have 100% support from the USA and you have but to ask, and we will help in any way we can.

Warmest regards,

Gene Villa


Sensei Higaonna and Sensei Nakamura,

First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate Sensei Higaonna for his greatness and humility, to carry on the generational transfer naming Sensei Nakamura as IOGKF Chief Instructor.  Also for so much work on the development of Okinawan Goju-Ryu during so many years, as well as having expanded throughout the world the IOGKF.   We know that anyway he'll continue working and caring the essence of Okinawa Goju-Ryu as the Supreme Master of our organization, and his will make our way much easier, as we are accustomed to the great support and supervision of "Higaonna Sensei."  I know that Nakamura Sensei has the capacity to continue his great legacy, especially with the help of Sensei Higaonna to make it happen...

Nakamura Sensei, you have a big challenge ahead, I know you can do it.  Trust yourself and your knowledge, on the team you have around the world and supports you.  From my humble position you have all my support.  I will continue working for the development of IOGKF South America as Higaonna Sensei has asked me some years ago, and now I will continue doing it unconditionally for you and for the growth of this great organization.

Congratulations and best of success in this new stage that we'll all be sharing, for many years.  That's my sincere wish.

Gustavo Tata
IOGKF Argentina


Dear Sensei Higaonna and Nakamura:

Here is our message from IOGKF Mexico;

First of all, we would like to congratulate Mr. Nakamura in this great opportunity and challenge he is facing.  It is a great responsibility to lead this magnificent organization, but we ar sure that he will do just great and that he is surrounded by great teachers and great people.

We are also glad to have Higaonna Sensei as a supreme master as he is unique and will be focused in continuing passing his knowledge to all IOGKF members and still have the change to train with him.

we know that this is a good decision and fully support the changes.


Moises Villegas
Chief Instructor

Dear Nakamura Sensei,

Hope you and your family have arrived well at home again?

Congratulations for your grading for 7 Dan and the new appointment as Chief Instructor IOGKF World!

You certainly deerve it and we wish you all the best.

You can count on our support.

All the best wishes from Namibia !

Kind regards

Rosel van der Merwe
Administrative Manager:
Goju Ryu Karate Namibia

Dear Sensei!
May be I am the last who send you congratulations about IOGKF Chief Instructor) I stay in Japan after Budosai till 27 July. But I really want to say you my grate congratulations. I am sure that this is really grate news for IOGKF because your understanding of goju ryu is really deep and your are grate Teacher. After your last seminar in Moscow I thought only one thing-why we spent so many time without your seminars!!! And this is not only words! I will be happy to see you in Moscow again and again. All Russian's goju ryuka with you Sensei!!!!!

And one more time - my congratulations!!
Best regards!
Bogdan Kurilko
IOGKF Russia


Dear Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei,

I would like to thank Grand Master Higaonna Sensei for the many years he has dedicated to passing the Goju Ryu karate system on to us. Without this massive effort over his whole life, the great benefits from his teaching, to me personally, and to my students, could not have been realised. People’s lives are improved by his teachings every day.

I am convinced that you, Nakmaura sensei, will succeed in continuing the spread and development of Goju Ryu Karate-Do of the very highest quality. I wish to congratulate you on your new promotion to 7th Dan and World Chief Instructor and I offer my full support to help you reach your goals for the IOGKF.

Best Regards

Callum Dick


Dear sensei Higaonna,
in name of IOGKF in Czech Republic I would like to thank you for your hard work and ingenious idea to give a chance to everyone to try so fantastic phenomen, like Okinawan traditional Goju Ryu Karate Do. It is in our hearth, our mind, our is a way...we are people living in Europa and your idea is sometimes very difficult  to try for somebody, but not impossible,you are the proof. We wish you in the future a good health and more strong kiai and really hope, that we meet us in the future on some gasshuku or in your fantastic IOGKF family dojo.
Arigato gozai mashita, Sensei.
With respect

Jaroslav Kulik
Representative of Czech Republic


Dear sensei Nakamura,
In name of IOGKF in Czech Republic I would like to congratulate to your new status IOGKF Chief instructor and wish you good health and correct decisions...I think, our IOGKF family is in good hands and in the future you have our maximally support. I am proud on my family and happy, that you were last time in our country and many people had a chance to met with you, now they knows, who you are and they are lucky and proud too...
Best regards
Jaroslav Kulik, Czech Republic 

Dear Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei,
Please accept my sincere congratulations on your recent promotion as World Chief Instructor of the IOGKF.
This appointment only confirms my high regard and respect for Morio Higaonna Sensei and his forward thinking in appointing you as chief instructor.
It is reassuring to know that under your leadership the IOGKF will continue to grow stronger for decades to come.
I speak for the instructors and students of IOGKF Poland we are proud to call you our chief instructor.
Tomasz Siewkowski
IOGKF Poland

To Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei,

On behalf on my students and myself, please accept the warmest congratulations on your recent appointment as chief instructor of IOGKF and our best wishes for your future success.

At this point I would like to thank to Our great Teacher Higaonna Senei for his hard work through all those years in his role of chief instructor, which resulted in developing such a worldwide successful organization. His wise and responsible decision to appoint you as chief instructor made we truly believe that the future of IOGKF is in good hands. Your personality, knowledge, and experience you acquired working and training together with Higaonna Sensei proves you are the right man to continue Karate Goju-Ryu traditions and values and preserve it to the next generations.

Many congratulations once more on your new role as Chief Instructor of IOGKF.

Adam Litwiński

Dear Nakamura Sensei,

Congratulation on your appointment as the new IOGKF World Chief Instructor.  You are really deserved for it.  We are in Indonesia are very very happy and proud to hear this news since you are always be our favourite instructor since the very beginning.

Daniel Mahardani
IOGKF Indonesia


Sensei Morio Higaonna,

Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura

and Members of IOGKF

I would like to express my full support, congratulations and best wishes of success to all of whom recently assumed new responsibilities within the organization. I would also like to deeply congratulate all who graded at the Budosai 2012.

I would like to specially congratulate Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura for his major achievement. Without any doubt, he will do a great job preserving the values and traditions that were until now permanently promoted by Sensei Morio Higaonna. I am sure that Sensei Nakamura, given his qualities as martial artist and as a person, will move the organization forward to greater levels in all aspects. I wish to personally express, and in the name of all members of Dojo Goju Do – Chile, our full support to the new management and stress our commitment to assist the organization by all possible means. I wish the best of successes to Sensei Nakamura with the entrusted task of guiding IOGKF.

Finally, I would like to send special regards, recognition and gratitude to Sensei Morio Higaonna, for all he gave in the wake of the creation of IOGKF, turning it into a great organization and now demonstrating humility and wisdom, by restructuring it with the appropriate people, keeping his commitment and full support.

Kind regards,

Jorge Rivera

IOGKF – Chile Representative

Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei,
This decision only shows that Higaonna Sensei is really a Supreme Master, because he anticipate a perfect transition into IOGKF.
I wish you every success in this new position of IOGKF World Chief Instructor.
Is surely a great responsibility to drive an organization as important as the IOGKF, but I believe that being supported by Senior instructors and all the Country chief instructors, this task will be much easier.
As a member of one of the newest countries affiliated to the International IOGKF, I place myself at your disposal for everything you need in this new and great way to go.
Zé Mário
IOGKF Brasil

Dear Sensei Nakamura:

In the name of all the Colombia IOGKF members, I would like to congratulate you becoming 7th Dan and with the appointment as the new Chief Instructor of IOGKF .

The future of our organization continue in good hands.

We also want to thanks to Higaonna Sensei and the other Senior instructors for making IOGKF a successful organization. Alls are our inspiration.

As a member affiliated to IOGKF, I place myself at your disposal to help and support in everything you need.

Roberto Zapata
Colombia IOGKF Family

Dear Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura

Accept our heartfelt congratulations on your elevation to the highest post in the IOGKF.

There are no words to express our happiness.

Sensei Tarverdi
IOKGF Azerbaijan

Dear sensei Nakamura,

IOGKF Srilanka Congratulation on your appointment as the new IOGKF world Chief Instructor .I too believe that the IOGKF is the best Karate Organization in the world . IOGKF Sri Lanka Full support for the new structure in IOGKF.
Best Regards
IOGKF Sri Lanka

Dear Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura,

I congratulate You with inauguration IOGKF Chief Instructor. We are glad that continuity of tradition takes place such way.

Mirzoibragim Ibragimov
Chief Instructor, Tajikistan

 Dear Sensei  Tetsuji Nakamura,
In the name of all students in  Association Okinawa Goju Ryu Dojo in Czech Republic I would like to congratulate you to your successful grading for 7th Dan as well as your appointment as chief instructor of IOGKF.

We all wish you and IOGKF family strong health and lot of success in the future.
Jaroslav Valenta
Official representative IOGKF Czech Republic
Chief instruktor Okinawa Goju Ryu Dojo Czech Republic,

Dear Higaonna Sensei,
Thank you for your lifetime dedication to the art of Karate, and to the deep study of Okinawan Goju Ryu in particular. You have reached so many people, and helped shape our lives over the past decades. I hope that your retirement from the responsibilities of the Chief Instructor of the IOGKF will allow you more time to focus on your continued research, as well as some much deserved free time.
I know that you have high expectations of us as your members, to continue your work, and to share this intangible cultural heritage with the world. We will make our best effort to do so! To aid us in this, you have provided us with a strong core of committed Karateka, led by Nakamura Sensei, and assisted by the senior instructors of the IOGKF. I believe that this new structure will successfully continue the IOGKF, and leave it strong for the generation that will come after us.
Sensei, thank you, and thank you again.
Best wishes
Chris de Wet

Dear Sensei Nakamura,
The kambukai members and karate-ka of IOGKF Singapore would like to send our very sincere and heartfelt thanks to Sensei Higaonna for his inspirational leadership and guidance, both spiritual and technical,
over the years. He has given us and the rest of the world a gift of inestimable value.
We would also like to extend our congratulations to you as IOGKF Chief
Instructor, and to Sensei Molyneux and Sensei Larsen as Vice-Chief Instructors. We look forward to training under your guidance and supporting you in developing IOGKF in the years to come.
Best regards,
Pete Read
IOGKF Singapore

Dear Respected Sensei
Tetsuji Nakamura
IOGKF Chief Instructor


First of all , thank you so much for your great news.It is great pleasure for all the IOGKF Family to hear this news.

As a country representative of IOGKF for Nepal. I would like to extend my hearty congratulation for up grading all of you who were appointed in the Honorary position and Organizational possition during the IOGKF World Budosai .
Speacially , i would like to express many many congratulation for

Saiko Shihan Morio Higaonna , Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura for being appointed as a IOGKF Chief instructor , Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Henrik Larsen as Vice Chief Instructors and Sensei Bakkies Laubscher and Kazuo Terauchi as technical advisors. Similarly , many many congratulation for all the newly appointed responsible and respected Senseis.
I hope IOGKF will get more progress and new dimension in your leadership and IOGKF will spread more through out the World during your tenure .I wish all of you for great success your Tenure.

Yours Sincerely
Sowyamvu Raj Dangol
IOGKF-Nepal Representative

Dear Sensei Nakamura,

First of all, let me express my warm congratulations to your
successful grading and to you new position in the IOGKF. It is very nice to see, that your tremendous work brings fruits!

With all respect yours
Igor Vakos
IOGKF Dojo Slovakia
IOGKF representative in Slovakia

Dear Sensei Nakamura,

Sincere congradulations for your appointment as Chief Instructor IOGKF. We applaud Sensei Higaonna's choice and have total confidence that IOGKF will grow from strength to strength with yourself as its new Chief Instructor.


Weiyong Soh

Dear Higaonna Sensei -
Dear Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei, IOGKF Chief Instructor -
Dear Ernie Molyneux Sensei and Henrik Larsen Sensei

Dear any other chief instructor, instructor and member ind IOGKF

I would hereby like to express my deepest congratulations on the appointments announced by Higaonna Sensei at the recently held World Budo Sai in Okinawa, which I and my family happily took part in.

Congratulations to Tetsuji Nakamura Sensei with his appointment to new IOGKF World Chief Instructor.

Congratulations to Ernie Molyneux Sensei and Henrik Larsen Sensei with their appointments as new Vice Chief Instructors.

Also, congratulations to everyone else mentioned in IOGKF's recent designated structural composition.

I too believe that the IOGKF is the best karate organization in the world, and that we have a great relationship among all members - one great family.

I hereby commit myself to give my full support for the new structure in IOGKF.

Best wishes for the future for all of us...

Best regards

Jan Meyer
Chairman og Seniorinstructor - 6. dan
Nykøbing KarateCenter - Denmark

Dear Sensei,
On the behalf of my dojo and myself, I would like to congratulate you with your new title as Chief instructor for IOGKF and I am convinced that you are the right man for the job. I look forward to train with you for many years. 
Best regards
Jakob Kold-Christensen
Chief instructor
Køge Karate Klub
IOGKF Denmark

Dear Sensei Nakamura,


I’m dedicated to help and support you and the IOGKF in any way I can.

Best wishes from

Remco, Melissa, Natasha and Tien Hong van der Kieft.

Dear Sensei Nakamura,


IOGKF Georgia fully supports you being the true descendant of the great tradition and work led by Higaonna Sensei for many years.

It is really great responsibility to hold this position.We were happy and honored to host your last visit in the position of Vice Chief Instructor.

Wish you great success!


Levan Rogava
IOGKF Georgia

Dear Nakamura Sensei
Aarhus Karate Club from Denmark wants to congratulate you with the 
appointment as new World Chief Instructor for IOGKF.
We are confident that you will keep up the good karate, energy, humour 
and the humble approach to our martial art in our organisation as well 
as we will look forward to enjoy your lessons at the various gasshukus.
Also we wish to congratulate Ernie Molyneux Sensei and Henrik Larsen 
Sensei with their new roles in the organisation.
Finally we wish to show our respect to Higaonna Sensei and thank him 
for his life-long work with promoting goju-ryu karate. We hope to see 
him for many years to come at his ever inspiring international 
Best wishes from
Aarhus Karate Club, Denmark

Sensei Higaonna,

Congratulations on your retirement. You’re a great master of karate and an inspiration to us all. I look forward to continuing to train with you in the coming years. The organization is in great hands with Sensei Nakamura to lead us and all of the talented Senior Senseis in IOGKF to continue teaching us.

Sensei Nakamura,

Congratulations on this great honour. You have always been a source of inspiration for me. Sensei Higaonna has made an excellent choice for the new head of IOGKF. This is an amazing organization and I look forward to seeing you take it to new heights!

Kevin Jamieson
Shubukan Dojo (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Dear Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura

Congratulations on your appointment title of Chief Instructor for IOGKF. At the same time I also congratulate Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Henrik Larsen as the new
Vice Chief Instructors for IOGKF.

At Vordingborg Karate Club's behalf

Yours sincerely

Johnny Jørgensen
Vordingborg Karateklub
IOGKF. Danmark

Dear Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura

Congratulations on your appointment, it is a great honor.
I wish you luck in your future work as Chief Instructor, it is good to know that the organization is the best hands and that we can see a bright common future for our organization.
Hope soon to have the honor to practice with you again.

Best wishes to you and your family

John Nomanni
Karate School

Dear friend : Please receive our big congratulations because your new positionof World Chief Instructor and your degree of Nanadan. Of course, you can account with me for colaborate in any of your huge responsabilities.
Best regards,

Sensei Rodrigo


Dear Sensei, your dedication and hard work on preserving the art of Okinawan Goju Ryu has been recognized with the recent appointment as the new World Chief Instructor for the IOGKF.  Being one of your students I can attest the high quality of your Karate and your ability to lead us onto becoming better Karateka.  The respect you have for Higaonna Hanshi, is awe inspiring, your commitment to the art as a student has shown to be arduous and at the same time rewarde with the responsibility to carry on the legacy that has been passed onto us from generation to generation.

Higaonna Hanshi, has definitely made the right choice, you are a hard worker, a great family man, a great friend and most of all a great Master.

I look forward in continue to learn from you and always remember I will always be there to support you in every each way possible.

Congratulations on your Nana Dan and on your appointment.  We will need to celebrate both with a good Kampai!!


Genaro Liriano
Naha Dojo, IOGKF Canada

Dear Morio Higaonna Sensei.

Many thanks for the great work you've done for IOGKF and Goju Ryu through the years.

I hope you'll have many good years left in good health, where we can have the honor to practice with you.

Best wishes to you and your family

John Nomanni

Silkeborg Karate School

I would personally like to show my support for the new generation movement within IOGKF International. My family has been involved in following Higaonna Sensei since prior to the birth of IOGKF in 1979. My uncle was a founding chief instructor of our organisation and my father eventually became chief instructor for Australia and obtained his Shihan degree from Higaonna Sensei. Both have now passed away and I am now the only member of our family left training. The appointment of Nakamura Sensei as the new World Chief instructor has reassured me that IOGKF International will survive in a strong and long fashion for the next generation and that I will also have the opportunity to help protect Goju-ryu Karate under the leadership of one of the world's best instructors; just like my father and uncle before me.
I would not only like to thank our Master, Higaonna Sensei, but also congratulate him for his incredible efforts in fulfilling Chojun Miyagi Sensei's wish of spreading Goju-ryu to the World. Many of us would not have had our lives enriched by Karate if it was not for Higaonna Sensei's contributions to Goju-ryu. He is today's Chojun Miyagi Sensei, a gentlemen warrior that we will cherish for many more years to come.
I welcome Nakamura Sensei as our new chief instructor. For me he is an impressive role model and someone I can aspire too. I wish him all the very best in his endeavors and as a member in the age bracket of the next generation, I pledge to him my full support.
I trust that with the talents of Sensei Ernie Molyneux and Sensei Henrik Larsen as Vice Chief Instructors and with Sensei Bakkies Laubscher and Sensei Kazuo Terauchi as technical advisors, that IOGKF will survive long into the ages.
David John Lambert
IOGKF Australia

Dear Sensei,
Happy to hear that you become the chief instructor of IOGKF ,congrats
and best wishes. hope i can train under you soon

Oss Sensei

Congratulations with your "promotion" and we wish you the best of luck. I´m sure you will take the organisation to a new level, and I think we´re all looking forward to what will happen in the future.

Again, I still need to forward you the picture from when you last visited India, and Pervez took you and me (including my wife) to the Seafood restaurant.

Best wishes from a Dane, placed in India

Kind regards,
John Lindegaard Andersen
IOGKF Denmark

Dear Nakamura Sensei,
Please accept my sincere congratulations on your recent promotion as
World Chief Instructor of the IOGKF.  I think Higaonna Sensei could not have picked a more qualified candidate as well as nice human being.  It is reassuring to know that under your leadership the IOGKF will continue to grow stronger for decades to come.
My wife Leigh joins me in congratulating you on this honorable position.
Roberto Schipp

Sensei Nakamura I want to wish you my sincere congratulations as the new Cheif instructor of the IOGKF. It is sad to see Sensei Higaonna step down, however he has passed the leadership over to the right person. I look forward to training with you soon.


Johnny Bolton

Onegaishimasu Sensei

On behalf of Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts, we are proud of your accomplishments and very proud to be part of IOGKF as this is paving the path for traditional Karate worldwide.
The promotion is well deserving and we as a family would like to extend our congratulations on your grading and new position. It is a well deserving advancement for you and it is a priveldge to be taught by you and call you our Sensei.


Tirrell, Tyrone, Sandra and all the Karate Ka at Ishi Gogyou Martial Arts
IOGKF Canada

Congratulations Sensei Nakamura! What a fantastic accomplishment! Brandon (my son) and I are extremely honoured to have trained under you. We continue to be inspired by your example...

Dion Family (Steven and Brandon)
IOGKF Canada

Nakamura Sensei,

Our sincerest congratulations on your recent appointment, by Morio Higaonna Sensei, to the position of IOGKF World Chief Instructor.

Leadership as been described as “a process of social influence in which one person can enlist the support of others in the accomplishment of a common goal(s)".

You have demonstrated an honest and transparent understanding of who you are, what you know, what you can do today and what accomplishments are worth defined effort and pursuit in the future. You have rightfully earned the trust and confidence of not only Higaoanna Sensei, but all of us who are consistently inspired to follow you. Your personal successes and the future of IOGKF are infinite.

Your emergent leadership, a reflection of your genuine respect for others and the art of traditional Goju-ryu, consistently inspires us to achieve higher goals and be the best that we can be in all aspects and forums of our lives. Thank you for sharing with us; the gift of who you are as a person, your phenomenal skill and mastery - a testament to your inherent ability and dedication to eternal training and self-development, and may you lead all of us and IOGK to places we only dream about - because dreams do come true!


Member of IOGKF Canada


Congratulations. The IOGKF and the future of traditional Goju Ryu could not be in better hands.

Please do not hesitate to let me know how I can help you in any way.

Very respectfully,

Sam Larioza

Onegaishimasu Nakamura Sensei,
I just heard the news of your promotion. This is an outstanding accomplishment! Although I am relatively new to the IOGKF, I have always been impressed by your impressive skill and humility. Your appointment as World Chief instructor will serve as a new chapter for the IOGKF and I am sure this new chapter will be one of great development filled with excitement and celebration.

Congratulations I wish you the greatest success in the future.
Basil Campbell (IGMA)
IOGKF Canada

Dear Nakamura Sensei

It is with great respect, appreciation and recognition that I have read about your appointment to chief instructor and the restructuring of IOGKF. I wish you the best of luck with running our organisation and also to all involved with keeping and preserving the IOGKF and Goju Ryu karate for the future. With this wise move by Higaonna Sensei, I feel a great sense of security knowing, that you will do everything to make sure it stays the best karate-organisation in the world - as allways.

Jesper Hein
Chiefinstructor / Fuglebjerg Karate

Congratulation with the big honor of leading the IOGKF in the future, im sure you will do a excellent job!

Kind regards from the Norwegian IOGKF

Med Vennlig Hilsen
Hans Frydenberg
IOGKF Norway

Der Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura,

Ukrainian representative IOGKF congratulate you on the successful passage of the 7th dan grading, and the assumption of office as chief instructor IOGKF. We are pleased to fruitful cooperation with you!

p.s I am very happy that happened under your leadership training at the 6th World Budosai in Okinawa.

Best regards,

administrative director of Ukraine's IOGKF Artem Yakоvlev.

Dear Sensei Nakamura,

Congratulations!!!! I was so happy to hear of your 7th dan AND your appointment as the new World Chief Instructor. Personally I am very pleased and I know you will do a great job.


IOGKF Israel

My family and myself would like to extend our congradulations Sensei Nakamura, on passing your most recent grading and your promotion to World Chief Instructor. We are so proud to be a part of such an incredible organization!!!

From the Laita Family
IOGKF Canada

i wish to express my respekt and congratulate all the sensei`s working for IOGKF in the years to come
Conny Kristensen, Denmark

Dear Sensei

The biggest congratulation I can write to you about your new title as chief Instructor for IOGKF.

As I wrote to you at facebook, nobody could be a better person to follow after Sensei M. Higaonna than you.

I´m looking forward to train on many Gasshukues with you and your vice Chief Instructors as the masters for Goju-Ryu Karate-do

Best Regards

Pia Koustrup
IOGKF Denmark

Dear Nakamura Sensei,

My deepest respect for your future as chief instructor in IOGKF.  A warm congratulations from Marianna, Denmark.

Onegaishimasu Sensei Nakamura,

Jonathan, Aidan, Dominique and I wanted to congratulate you on your appointment as IOGKF World Chief Instructor and your Dan promotion. We’re very happy for you!

Kindest regards,

Françesca Gougeon
IOGKF Canada

Hello Sensei Nakamura.

Congratulations on your new position as Chief Instructor to the IOGKF

Best Regards

Steve Gouldson & Family ( EGKA )

Hello Sensei Nakamura,
Many congratulations on being appointed the World Chief Instructor of the I.O.G.K.F. from myself and all the students at NORTON DOJO here in Sheffield, England. We look forward to progressing under your leadership.
Chris Robins

Dear Sensei Nakamura

I would like to send my warm congratulations on your appointment as new chief instructor in the new structure of IOGKF. I believe you are an excellent choice for the new generation and with the support from Sensei Ernie and Sensei Henrik, and not least from Sensei Higaonna, Sensei Bakkies and Sensei Terauchi, I am confident that we also in the future will have a unique and strong organisation with focus on tradition and with a pleasant and welcoming culture. I look very much forward to training under your leadership!!
Thank you also for all of hard word at the Budosai in Okinawa last month. You - and the many other people involved - did a fantastic job creating a memorable and very successfull event!
Kind regards,
Charlotte Blumensaadt
3. dan, Denmark

Sensei Nakamura,

congratulations on your appointment as the IOGKF World Chief Instructor.  Your dedication and commitment is a great example for the IOGKF and has been an inspiration to me over the years. It has been a privilege and an honour to have trained with you.  I hope to be reunited with you many times in the future.


Deron Ogletree

Congratulations on your appointment by Higaonna Sensei to be the Chief Instructor of I.O.G.K.F.!
What an incredible and deserved honor!! Of all of the instructors I have seen perform kata, yours was the most like Higaonna Sensei's. This appointment was not a surprise.
I can't imagine what it must feel like to be in your position. It is a responsibility that is difficult to grasp. However, because Higaonna Sensei made his wishes known as early as he has, the senior instructors available to you, and Higaonna Sensei's availability I am sure that you will succeed in your efforts to promote and preserve the art of Goju Ryu.
I have been injured more than practicing and life has interfered with my training time, but if there is some way that I can help you . . . you can count on my support.
I hope that you and your family are well and enjoying life.
Ron Tiland

Dear sensei Higaonna,

Please let me express my respect towards your retiring from the position of IOGKF World Chief Instructor. I hope that the changes in the structure of the organization that have been made will lead up to the prosperity of IOGKF. I wish you good health and inspiration on the path of Goju-Ryu. Dear sensei Nakamura, congratulations from me and from all who train Goju-Ryu in Bulgaria for your promotion to the position of the IOGKF World Chief Instructor. I’m sure that your knowledge and skills that you wield will reach us thanks to your incredible pedagogical skills and personal charisma.

Гражданска отговорност – Цените на компаниите

Dear Nakamura Sensei,

Congratulations on being appointed as world chief instructor of the IOGKF!

I´m looking forward on training with you on gasshukus again!

Best wishes,

Stijn Mul , Kopenhagen Karate Club

Gooday from new zealand Tetsuji Nakamura sensei.

Congratulations from the hawkes bay dojo's on your recent grading and promotion to chief instructure for the IOGKF we believe we have strength and security for generations to come.

Tonk Morgan, Te Whiti and Robin Hood



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